Webpage redirection time

Hi all,

I want to calculate time consumed in redirecting from 1 webpage to another webpage.
For Example:

  1. I am using Facebook in Google Chrome browser.
    I have shared 1 link on my Facebook profile like below:

(It’s not only Facebook. It can be any domain having link to another domain).

  1. When I click on this link from my Facebook profile, then this website will open in new tab.

  2. I want to calculate time difference in miliseconds or microseconds between below two events:

First Event: Time of clicking link “http://www.webdeveloper.com/” from my Facebook profile.

Second Event: Time of completely loading webpage of “http://www.webdeveloper.com/”.

Thank you in advance.

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If I’d need this, I’ll log start time (in millis or micros) in some JS onClick() function and than log end time in jQuery onReady() function. Such page modification I’d implement in Chrome extension…

Thank you for your response, Betlista.
Can you please recommend me any existing plugin for Chrome or Firefox which is having this feature ?

i would use onclick function of js on that link and note time by calling a function

example- < a href=“urlink” onclick=“noteTime()” >

and on second page use onload event and save time

example- < body onload=“noteTime()” >

and now easy calculation to do … :wink:

Thank you everybody for helping me. I am using “Developer Tools” in Google chrome & Firebug in Firefox. It’s satisfying my purpose.