Weak Testcases in CHEFLST!

There were many weak test in CHEFLST. Many of the top submissions are failing on much simpler testcases.The question of such high difficult level is not attempted by many but it is kinda unfair to people with high ratings who actually thought the correct solution.I didnt attempt it myself but saw someone commenting on codeforces about this thing! It spoils the whole repo.

Testcase mentioned was:



0 0 0

0 0 1

0 1 0

Answer Expected : 0 1

Answer Coming : 0

Many of the 100 pointers will have a WA on this.

@admin @vijju123 look into this.


I was very surprised about how few tests there were. I bet more tests would have helped, alongside active moderation during the competition to add test cases where faulty solutions popped in.


For the moderation, it was known that faulty solutions passed, but its a collective decision that adding more TC’s during contest and rejudging would be bad if the contestant left the contest after solving all problems.

@vijju123 there were hardly any submissions for 100.Most of ACs were for 5,10 or 30. Even if rejudged,all would have been on same score since all would have got WA and right ones will have got AC. Moreover,this was not even included in Part B.CHEFZERO was also rejudged!


Chefzero was rejudged cause we updated scoring function, not test cases. No AC solution would have got WA on this rejudge, hence it was done. I couldnt get your initial argument, can you rephrase it? :slight_smile:

@vijju123 why was it assumed contestants will leave after solving “all” problems? There was a challenge problem after all, which requires constant improvements to stay at the top.

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Well because many people do so. Like, it doesnt take all 10 days for top coders to solve rest 7 problems. Some arent interested in challenge problem at all. Its seen most of times they leave after 3-4 days. Especially if challenge problem has a low submission limit.