Weak test cases of the problem LFSTACK

Please update the test cases of LFSTACK of August Lunchtime. Some AC solutions are giving Wrong answers on the following test case:
2 1 4
2 1 4
4 1 1 4
The answer to this test case would be No whereas some accepted solutions are giving Yes. Please look into the matter.
I have figured out a few solutions,the link to them are as follows:
Please update the test cases and the rank list.
Happy coding :slight_smile:


Yes test cases are weak. Even if you check all the threads to be subsequence of the input stack then also it passes. I think setters should strongly test all the cases…though its very difficult to have all cases while setting problem.

Yeah these solutions follow the same logic.


Yeah! The people who did not submit the code due to the discovery of this very test case are in vain. The problem should be rejudged.

Please look into the matter @admin

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In this question…directly checking that other threads are subsequence of the final output sequence will not work rather here we will have to generate cases using recursion and then check for the output.


Changing test cases and ranklist after contest is not in good spirit and should not be done. But test cases can be updated for practice section.


Nice observation. Way to go saty.


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