Weak test cases in TOURISTS

@admin, @satyaki3794 please update the test cases as my solution https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/12590357 got accepted it should not be accepted for the cases I have mentioned in the code .


4 3

1 2

2 3

3 1


should be NO.


The country can be represented by a network of unidirectional roads between the cities

A road network is said to be tourist-friendly if for every city in the country, if a tourist starts his journey there, there is a path she can take to visit each and every city of the nation and traverse each road exactly once before ending up at the city where she started.



YOu are not allowed to share any kind of code during the ongoing contest !

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only admin and I can view that link I guess. If this link is accessible to you then you have found a bug, mate.


If it is for admin then why did you ask here? You can directly mail them also!

Actually I didn’t knew to whom I should mail, so I posted here sorry.

well my program gives WA if i dont check whther the graph is connected. but it gives AC when i check whether the graph is connected before proceeding to the solution. so i guess there is a possibility of isolated nodes