Weak Test Cases in May Cook-Off COOK82B (Balanced Array) ,Rejudge?

Hello,my wrong solution was accepted in practice of COOK82B.

Here are the links to their submissions:

Correct solution: link text

My Wrong solution: link text

Sample input :


100000000 123456789

First submission returns 127222027 & Second submission returns 222026111.

Both are accepted solutions.


Submissions which were judged AC during the contest can’t be judged WA after the contest.

So this kind of ambiguity will be ignored?

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Even my solution which got accepted gives some different answer than the ones you posted. But I find that my solution is similar to the correct one you have posted, cannot figure out the difference, still different answers. That strange.


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Your solution ignores powers which are divisible by n.



2 6

Output > 9

Answer > 18

PS > My solution is also wrong because of the same mistake.


@dusht0814 > Rejudging submissions after contest is not a good idea. They can update test cases in practice section.

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i think they should allow a 24 hour hacking phase for cases like these :smiley:

Test cases should be added in practice though!

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Aha. Thanks for the help. Got the error. Just that to re assign mp.begin() to my iterator.

Test cases for this kind of errors have been added in the practice.

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile: