Weak test cases in HP18(LUCKY NUMBER GAME) in JAN19B..

In January challenge,
In lucky number game,
In subtask 1 i.e a=b
I have just printed the result i.e “BOB” but in case if there are no numbers in the given test case i.e (any number) divisible by ‘a’ then the result will be “ALICE”.
Hence we can say that the test cases are weak

I guess we need to focus on the term “finite number of turns”, which is clearly mentioned in the question. I guess by this they meant that at least one turn is played , i.e., there is at least one number which is divisible by a. Hence, BOB is the winner in subtask 1 when a=b.

Finite means 0 is also included

How can you be so sure? I have read at some websites where it says that finite is a non zero number. Anyways I guess the author is the only one who can answer this question.
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I have also seen in some websites saying that zero is finite.according to you if zero is not finite then it should be infinite right? Just think of it

In that case what about negative numbers?? Are they infinte or finite. Also according to me finite moves here means atleast one move. Lets wait for the author to answer this question.

I think 0 is a finite number. Because a finite number is a number that has a number greater than and smaller than that. Finite basically means bounded. So, I think 0 is a finite number. This definition also solves the negative number question.

Yes 0 is a finite number