Weak test cases for SEAGRP (Jan14 long contest)

The test cases for the problem SEAGRP are weak. Many wrong solution are being accepted which must have failed if test cases were good.

One of my friend got accepted but his code giving wrong answer on this test case and i’m sure many other accepted code would fail on this test case.

6 7
1 2
2 3
3 4
2 6
2 5
6 3
5 3

I think you should re-judge all solution by adding some more test cases


Its rejudged… Accuracy has drastically reduced. Good Job!!
P.S. My answer passed :smiley:

@admin: Although you have added more test cases and rejudged all the solution but still many codes which are even failing on simple cases like one a mentioned above, are getting accepted.

I am saying it so confidently because i have checked it myself

what is the correct answer ? (NO?)

He’s right…My AC solution gives incorrect output for the above test case.

Yes.“NO” is the correct answer

mine gives NO but the the final result is WA

mine also gives NO.
I have tried many cases and receive correct answer but it is not getting subitted


inseder: that just means your solution gives wrong answer on some other test…

please give e some critical inputs

I’m sure of this @xellos0 the only problem is that i’m kinda of sick of rejudging problems - and lately is pretty often

@xellos0 can you tell me the output of
4 3:

shadow30: I can’t, it’s against the rules. Whoops, no: against the FAQ.

He is absolutely correct…