WCOUNT wrong answer

ok , i have a problem with modules and big numbers . could you tell me what is wrong with my [solution] 1 to the word count problem . a failing test case would be also great.

Your approach to the problem is correct. But the problem with your solution is that if you have the number of the form a / b and if a is growing very big you are making it a = a%mod i.e. you are taking the modulus of the value and in the similar case if the value of denominator b is large you are taking the modulus of b also. But this makes the actual value of a divided by b incorrect.
This is because

a / b

 may not be equal to    

a%mod / b%mod.

Hence in that case instead of dividing a%modulus by b%modulus multiply the multiplicative inverse of b%modulus with respect to modulus to a%modulus and then again take the modulus to get the result. The multiplicative inverse can be found using Fermat Test available on this link http://comeoncodeon.wordpress.com/.

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