ways of graph

In how many ways we can make a graph?
please mention all of them.

The most common representations of graph, which can be used for both directed and undirected graph are:

  1. Adjacency Matrix

  2. Adjacency List

You can read about them in detail over here: click here

Related topics to study: Graph Algorithms- Dijkstra’s, Warshall, dfs, bfs, and many more.

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i think you your question should be in how many ways we can represent a graph .
by using 3 ways 1. Adjacency matrix 2. adjacency list 3. adjacency Set

i visited the link provided by you …but its too complicated to understand the logic,do we have another easy way to make a graph?

nope,it is how many ways we can implement adjacent list?

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2672866/create-graph-using-adjacency-list it may help …