wat does runtime error mean?? the program runs fine in my computer...

wat does runtime error mean?? the program runs fine in my computer…

Why do I get a Runtime Error (Other)?

This type of error is sometimes generated if you use too much memory. Check for arrays that are too large, or other elements that could grow to a size too large to fit in memory.

It can also be sometimes be generated for similar reasons to the SIGSEGV error.

Runtime Errors are due to many issues…

  1. like not returning ‘0’ status to main in c and c++.
  2. going above array boundaries(c++ doesn’t check array limits…)
  3. like if u are using stack.h(in c or c++) and u exceeded limit of memory
  4. recursion can run upto 10^6 steps… as it uses stack to hold all. and it can run out of memory…
  5. scanf("%d",&a); without ‘&’ sign (refernce). meaning without referecing the input to memory location of a. it can also give runtime error

many more are there look at FAQ :slight_smile:

You should give us ur code, we can’t help you without it, except if you only wanted to know what is RTE. :slight_smile:

void main()
int a[20],i=0,y;
printf(“Enter elements\n”);
printf(“Do you wany to continue?y->1,n->0”);

dividing by zero is also common

Minor addition to point #2: going below the boundaries (negative indices) also have equal share in triggering runtime error.