want to know somthing about partial problems

In Lunchtime problems there always some parts of the main problem.If I solve various part of a SAME PROBLEM with several code why I’ll not get full point?

suppose there is a problem with 2 parts, 50 points each.If I solved part 1 with a code and part 2 with another code why I’ll not get 100 points?

I am asking this question because one of my code in january lunchtime got AC in part 2(harder part) but WA in part 1(easier one). strange HUH???

You’ll get full points if all the sub-tasks get correct. There must be some flaw in your code for small test data with the technique you have used for sec sub-task, may be some range kind of thing, or some exception or anything. Otherwise it isn’t possible. Just check your code…

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well there was weak test data for harder part(I’m not sure about it).Cause I found whats wrong:)

Yes, it happens sometimes. This was the major cause of the big discussion for the question “Alok nath and his sanskars” of December Challenge,2014. However, you can mail your test cases to codechef, so that they can add them in their test files for better judging!!

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