Want a Linux Distro Help??

Can any one help to find a best linux distro for An Programmer(also coder ,game making, means to write many find of program) and a simpler user( please note a dont want to be a simple user such as who wants adobe photoshop or this all foolish materials which simple user need I Want a powerful linux distro best for an programmer)

I have only ran ubuntu (the linux distro at IOI) and can say that it is very good. You can run hit from a pendrive without installing using UNetBootin. First download an iso (disk image) from ubuntu official site and UNetBootin from sourceforge. Now connect the pendrive and run UNetBootin and select the iso file and click next (after selecting the pendrive). If you want to try multiple distro’s use YUMI.

Note: Try without installing feature does not affect your permanent OS so use carefree.

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