WA Or WQ!!

What to do when you get WA but you can’t find a test case which can prove your code wrong!!???

Ask for help on discussion forum here.

There had been MANY cases where people thought there code was correct, but the missed a corner case or two.

Like, in Jan long’s Cat and Dog Q, a majority missed the crucial part of finding minimum correctly, many paid no attention to constraints - a “long long int” was needed to store the values instead of “int” (in C language).

So yes, do come here and ask for help! We all are always happy to help!! There are many cases where people came up with corner cases which failed other’s code.

Rest assured, there are very rare cases where Q or test cases are wrong, but should you feel so, discuss it here AFTER THE CONTEST . If you get this doubt during the contest, post your doubt on comment section where the author of Q will himself answer you.

Hope this answer satisfied your query :slight_smile:

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Read my Article. You will get to know each and every thing.

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