I have tried the SUMTRAIN problem, as suggested in the comments below the problem, i have to add the largest integer per row irrespective or their position . so tried this : https://ideone.com/gsz60r

But it give Wrong Answers. Any suggestion what will be causing WA in this?

check this link http://discuss.codechef.com/questions/42976/sumtrian-prerequisite

The logic explained there, doesnot work even on the sample test cases.
I tried some of the accepted programs and they DONOT follow that logic at all.

your approach will give wrong answer because we cant move from top to bottom directly jumping to the largest integer row by row.

* we need to follow the given rules.
* the member at position (i,j) can move to (i+1,j) or (i+1,j+1)
* we can use recursion with memoization here to solve with in time limit.
* try this method… my soln. is http://ideone.com/zXuDch

i have done the problem reading that answer only
you can check my solution…