Problem link : MAXDIFF

My code : MAXDIFF

Can’t figure out the error. Please help.

i will give you a hint (and solution if you want later):-
For the case

10 9

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10.

Your code gives 35 but the
answer should be 54. now think why!!

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For the above case, the answer should be 53. Isn’t it?

@gautam94 : You need to consider two divisions .

  1. Highest k in first division and other n-k in other division .

  2. Lowest k in first division and other n-k in other division .

You are considering only one case .

http://ideone.com/pokFXV Still getting WA.

@gautam94 :

Could not understand this statement

for (p < y - z; p >= 0; --p) 

first part of "for" loop should not be conditional but an assignment.
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I changed that part to for (p = y - z - 1; p >= 0; --p) but still WA.

@gautam94 : You could try using long int instead of int . I submitted the problem correctly during contest time itself as it is a recent contest problem . However I did it in Java . The logic is correct now , but seems some other language issue .

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WA even with long int . http://ideone.com/LZnyKw

First of all, @kcahdog the output of

10 9

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

is 53.

Second, long int and int are same in cpp and it doesn’t affect anything at all. Since, input constraints are small and int is itself enough to hold both input and output.

Third, there is something wrong in your code.

 sort (a, a + y - 1)

you are using sort function which takes two argument array_begin, array_end. and if a is the begining element then a+y-1 can’t be the ending element it have to be a+y.

So, change your sort statement to this


And, it will work surely.

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Yep, my mistake.Had an exam today so was in a bit of a hurry. Good he realized it himself