WA in LUNCHTIME 53 at MAXNUM3 Just give the testcase which it fails

I have tried all test cases given on codechef forum for this question still getting WA.Even i generated many test cases but it still doesn’t work.The link of my code is link text and link text .Both codes are same.Please just give me the test case where my code fails.Even i came to know about string with odd number at ones place but still my code give right answer for theses cases.
Thank You.

Its failing here,
output should be -1, your code is giving output as 43545

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Thanks a lot.

Thanks it a matter of just replacing if(j==len-2)j=len-3;else j-2; by j=len-1;
Thanks a lot yesterday i tried it for 2 hours but didn’t get the case.
Finally get AC in 0.02.

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