WA [granama]


hey all… my code is giving WA at codechef… http://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/2364571
and AC at ideone… http://ideone.com/6Kaxiv

problem: http://www.codechef.com/problems/GRANAMA
checked it several times but in vain… plz help

In the piece of code


use instead



In memset the the second value represents the no of bytes so it should be either 28into4 or 28intosizeof(int) or simply sizeof(array).Note:u are only flushing 1/4th of the array So maybe WA.Reply if it does not solve ur problem.

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@sparshgunner12 : i made some changes to the code… still WA… http://ideone.com/9nVgi2

seems it does not work for output aabbb and aaabb.It says YES but ans should be NO.

i am doing it myself so it might take a while.

Here is my accepted solution .I think it should be easy to understand.Still if it is not,do reply.But i would suggest u look at it after working on ur own code.


+there is no need to use memset aa[29]={0},bb[29]={0} does the trick;

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@sparshgunner12: thanks a lot buddy… it helped me a lot.

@sparshgunner12: thanks buddy… it helped me a lot… :slight_smile: