VOTERS : Getting Wrong Answer

I Have Checked All The Possible Cases For My Code And It Getting Right On My Machine But Here It’s Showing Wrong Answer Each Time I Have Submitted My Code.Please Help Me Out To Mark The Error In It.

Checked your code and seriously what are you doing.

First, you declared an array l1 and l4 of size 50000.

Second, you are taking input n1+n2+n3 combined and storing in l1. Whereas 1 ≤ N1,N2,N3 ≤ 50000. So, your code must failed in this case 50000 50000 50000.

Third, similarly the answer can contain more than 50000 id.

Fourth, your program complexity is 0(n^2) which should fails the time limit and gives TLE.

Thanks For Your Really Helpful Suggestions And Pointing Out My Silly Mistakes… :stuck_out_tongue:
I Have Sorted Out These Mistakes And Finally My Code Has Got Accepted… :slight_smile: