Volunteership for Codechef for School

Hey @everyone, I was surfing Codechef for schools and suddenly I came across this page http://www.codechef.com/school/volunteer which asked of becoming the Volunteer and after reading whole document a doubt suddenly came to my mind and spare me for I haven’t read much of previous posts… since as said there is a need to elaborate the editorials so that it can be demonstrated to the kids… now if we are allowed to edit the original editorials or write some new… If we write new then where to send or submit it… I would like @admin to majorly answer this… since it is official… though others can also give their views over this…

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@devanshug i think to upload tutorials you need to write the tutorial and link it by clicking on edit on this page(option available on upper right corner).
Also, on rules and how to change/modify links see this
PS-Not so sure, but i understood this by reading 1st two comments on the 1st link(the actual tutorial page), have a look :slight_smile:


yes bro I know about the rules of writing editorials… but what I m asking is as mentioned in volunteer-ship page, there is a requirement of making editorial well understandable by the kids, so I have the similar doubt as the rules of writing editorials won’t allow me do that… how and what particular method can I follow to contribute into this…

Hello @devanshug,

The editorials should follow the same structure as the ones which are presented on the long contests and short contests :slight_smile:

If you have trouble solving a given problem or to understand a solution, you can and should chat with tester and setter until you understood the underlying idea (even if you don’t know it, there will come a point where you will be able to write about it.).

What I believe to be critical on editorials for kids is to have the best English possible and especially follow an incremental sequence of ideas such that there is a “build up” (much like I did on this tutorial), in the sense that you begin by explain the key ideas and what is intended with the problem.

Afterwards, you can start explaining the basic concepts and you should include references to useful websites as well as some pseudo-code snippets in a way that if a newbie follows a tutorial and looks at setter or testers’ solution, he/she should be capable of reproducing it on its own :slight_smile:

I guess the most important thing is actually to be a good English writer and have your “logical thinking” turned on.

Remember, you are not writing for you, you are writing for kids who are starting to program, so, above writing a decent solution it’s even more important to be very clear, organized and concise.

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