Virtual Participation should be there in short contest.

We like to participate in short contest but most of the time we(working personnel or early to bed type persons like me :slight_smile: ) don’t able to sit at given time :(. But like to see our standing in competitive coding.
So that there must be virtual participation on short contest so that we able to see our standing (unrated). Do some thing bros. @admin

Virtual participation is something that has been requested to Codechef for years now. As anyone who has been fairly active on Codechef for the past few years will be able to verify, I don’t think Codechef has ever been able to provide any fixed time frame by which it will implement this feature. I believe that it does plan to implement this though, eventually .

15th CodeChef Tradition - Adding virtual contest is in our pipeline from years and it is our priority.

But now it’s time to implement that