Video Editorial for Codeforces Global Round 1

Hello Codechef Community,

Me along with dodobhoot have started a youtube channel Link and will be posting video editorials to regular codeforces rounds.

As part of the initiative, we have made videos to solutions for problems A,B,C,D & E from Codeforces Global Round 1 Contest Link

Hope these videos help the community to learn concepts and upsolve at a faster rate.

As this is our first attempt. We definitely look forward to suggestions and tips on how we can improve ourselves and help the community to upsolve and understand editorials in an interesting way.

Feel free to like and comment on the videos if you have any doubts or queries.

Also if these videos help you in solving the problems, subscribe to the channel as this definitely motivates us for the same.

Thank You.


Seems good. It would be better if you guys focus on making editorials for hard problems i.e. C, D, E & F. Usually A, B and C are very intuitive so easy to solve. But understanding D, E & F editorials on Codeforces is sometimes very hard. Anyways Good work!!!

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@vichitr Thanks a lot for your feedback. We will surely try to cover as many problems as we can with detailed explanation and solutions.

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This is a great move. I always wanted something like this. Great job!! Keep it up. Sincerely looking forward to follow the videos.

Codeforces editorials were very short and i definitely needed something like this. Thank You both of you.

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This the amazing. I have needed something like this from the start. You guys are helping a lot of beginners like myself. Thanks a lot!!!

Really! I appreciate your effort…

I never understand editorials of C,D,E in the first go. So a video editorial focusing them work good for me as well as other beginners as well.

Thanks a ton!!!

appreciate your effort man…

Thank you for doing this.

I sometimes struggle to solve even the first task of Div2, so this is very helpful.