Video Editorial - FEB17 - GERMANDE

Hi Everyone!

I have made two video editorials for the Feb Long Challenge. Its on ‘Gerrymander’ and ‘Most Frequent Element’.





alt text

I am in the process of making more FEB17 editorials!

I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Uploaded the tutorial for Interval now!


Thanks for giving your time and making the video editorial. Can you also do the editorial videos on problems INTERVAL and DISTNUM3. Thanks in advance.


Hi @only4
I am working on those two problems especially! To be honest, I can’t find a clear explanation on the board for these problems, so it will take some time. Will get the video out as soon as possible though.


It’s very nice and unique initiative. Just moving on. And keep uploading such a nice editorial.

Nice man . keep up the good work! @gkcs

@gkcs, Great work!! It would be awesome if you could do this for every Long Contest, CookOff and Lunchtime from now on. If it is not possible to do it for all the three types of contests, then Long Contest at least would really help a lot of people. Again, awesome work, keep at it!!

Great!!! Please make one for chefyoda and interval also.

Working on it INTERVAL right now :smiley:

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Trying my best. Balancing between work and editorials is quite stressful.
But I have a long weekend ahead, so I should be able to roll out some videos soon :slight_smile:

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Thanks Bansal :smiley:

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Thanks Ashish!

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I have been watching your videos and they are really helpful. It would be too good if you post some tutorials on Dynamic Programming techniques, through questions. This would be too helpful.

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @brijwasi1995 !
The next editorial will involve DP, and I am going into detail explaining when we should use it. Should be able to post by tonight :slight_smile:

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thanks for this.

Nice job buddy!!!

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Thanks @akki28 !

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please upload more video editorial specialy problem releated with advanced data structure and algo. i sometime couldnot understand the editorial. and give up, if there is video editorial it will really helps.

Hi @foehadsidhu
There are some videos I have made on data structures which in which I picked a SPOJ or Codeforces problem as an example. You could have a look at this playlist:

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Hi @gkcs … Nice job Gaurav. Thank you so much. I would really be happy if you could make a video on how to solve challenge problems. Yes, I have already come across your page on how to solve them ( I actually Book marked it :smiley: ). Maybe after the March Long, you could take up the same problem and walk us through. It would really be nice to see the thought process of people when it comes to solving these kind of problems (Disclaimer : I am total clueless of how to solve them. I can only manage 2 or 3 points at max.) Not only @gkcs, it would be great if many people can share their views. It would help a lot of people.
Thanks a lot…!!


Thanks a ton, @chari407 !
A video on challenge problems will be fun to make. Should be able to get it done soon!