Variants of stars and bars, balls and bins problem

The Stars and Bars problem or Balls and Bins problem are the the very basic in combinatorics but at the same time are quite helpful.

Can we have list of standard variants of these problems?

Add solution or formula if possible.

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i couldn’t understand what kind of problems you are referring to… to start with, provide a problem which you have come across as an example… and others will surely contribute :slight_smile:

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Ok :slight_smile: I have added an example!

  • Number of ways of distributing balls of k different colors into n bins.

  • Number of ways in which k non-negative variables be added to have sum of N i.e. x1 + x2 + … + xk = N Number of different combinations of values of x1, x2, … , xk.

here is your answer :-

link text

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