Validation of fake users

Hi admin, look at these solutions.

These solutions were submitted by a single user in span of just 1 min. How it is possible for an user to submit entirely different solutions in a short time. Clearly this is case of cheating and the user name itself tells a different story. These cheap people are ruining the spirit of contest. I request admin to delete those fake account and validate IP address of the fake user and delete those accounts as well who are using codechef with that same IP.

IP checking is useless, when your computer is behind the proxy server, all computers in subnetwork act as one IP (IP of the proxy server). We had such configuration at the college.

Otherwise I agree, submissions in small amount of time are suspicious - dual accounts…


Clearly the user has tried to submit various solutions from together.

Maybe he is the new Gennady Korotkevich. :wink: