Using online compiler .

I generally use online compiler and i am always very careful to make the codes private.Yesterday i was doing the same, made the codes private and then compiled the codes but today i found that actually i was logged out from ideone 2-3 days back and my yesterdays solution were not available for me . So i guess they might have went public . What should i do now ?

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I would sugggest you send an email to codechef team at and pray no one copies your code!! And better be a bit more careful next time.

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omg, look, even prodigies like tourist, Petr, ACRush, EgorK dont care about hiding their codes from community. even Petr sometimes posts his tournament screencasts. and most people(imho) peek programmer’s code in order to learn how to solve a problem, get some new idea and gain insight about the approach. if you are not zuckerberg, sergey brin or bill gates and if your code is not facebook, google or microsoft main creation masterpiece then nobody would pay attention to your jam(i say “jam” instead of code, cuz our code is just a piece of shit, which is barely legible). our code is even far from donald knuth’s concept of the art of programming. so dont be overwhelmed by your code’s privacy. your own privacy is far more imp imho.


btw, i also ideone and i always make it public, even i share solutions on my blog.

You got it totally wrong :confused: .What i meant is that i did that by during “contest period”. So one could copy my code and we both may get disqualified for that.
And anyway all submitted solution on codechef are public once the contest ends so there is no way to hide them.

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@abilash, i am sorry, i didnt think of live contest(since i havent attended any yet). sorry for that bro. you are totally right in terms of live contest

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