Using namespace std

I had these questions for a while now so I thought I had to ask somewhere.

  1. What does ‘using namespace std’ mean in C++?
  2. why does the program give compilation error when it is not used?

The typical syntax of statements like con, cout etc is “std::cin>>a”

With using namespace std, you can avoid writing that “std::” part everytime. Without it, std:: must be written else it gives a compilation error.

This Q can be easily googled too, make sure you give googling an attempt as well for syntax related issues.

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Using the using keyword doesn’t mean we add functionality, it means we say that we read things by default. If we say using namespace std; then we say: If we come across an object name that doesn’t exist in our current namespace, check if there exists a namespace std in which it does exist, and use that object. Thus, it doesn’t really add a function, it is the include that “loads” cout, cin, endl and all the like.

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