Using Maths in Programming

hey…I am solving problems of codechef for a long time. But i am seeing that my code is not really good…Many times I get time limit errors…So I just want to know how can I apply maths in coding to make a well structured code…Should I study some special topics of maths…please reply???Thanks!!!

To avoid time limit error, study about Time complexity!

You said that you have been coding on codechef for a long time. However, your profile page does not show a contest which you have participated. Even the problems you have been trying to solve are from June. Fake or multiple accounts?


You can do three things to improve - practice, practice, and practice. I’m a beginner too I joined Codechef on 06/28/2017 and I only got 32 right answers and 171 wrong and others errors. My circle looks red on my profile, but it doesn’t stop me. The problems you’re getting wrong, try to read the editorials take a look at other coders’ solution. The only person that can help you is just “You”. So don’t worry if you’re getting WA or other errors. Ask question here if you have a specific problem.

Hope this helps!

Exactly what i was wondering @utkalsinha . I only saw ~5-6 problems on his profile :confused:

Something feels off to me…