Users' own accuracy in problems

The Codechef has given us us such a good platform for improving our programming skills. Recently it has started giving us highlights of the questions that we’ve already attempted. But i think there is one more thing that could be done to help everyone, that is, there can be a column added beside the accuracy for submissions column that could tell us our accuracy of attempting the problems. In this way everyone can practice time and again those types of problems in which one’s own accuracy is low too apart from other still to attempt problems.
If anyone has any views regarding this they can comment and if everyone likes this idea codechef staff will surely look upon this idea.
Thanks to all :slight_smile:

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yeah i think its a good idea…

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Knowing your accuracy for a single problem really does not make much sense. Since, you are targeting a single problem, you know for yourself how many times you have submitted. And obviously since you are practicing, the accuracy for that problem shouldn’t bother you because it’s the section to try as much options as possible, tweak your algorithms and so on. So getting an accuracy of 100 for a problem or 10 is same as you finally got AC.

What you can have is an overall accuracy parameter (Total AC/Total Submissions) and not for each individual one. :slight_smile:


I agree, unless you care a lot about statistics this won’t be a useful feature.

@junior94 @vivekiitkgp i think then it’ll be better if it shows time since last practiced

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What exactly do you want? You wish to re solve all the questions that you have solved before or track your progress by looking at the time you solved them? These are the only two purposes that ‘last practiced time’ can serve.