User Account @ CodeChef

@admin I have logged in with my account at CodeChef then why i am seeing other user name in CodeChef Discuss?


Ya me too faced this problem today … @admin please look into it

You can also refer to this thread, the same problem was faced by some users in September, however, it seems that the issue hasn’t been solved yet.

I saw the same bug today also when i was looking at diveshuttam answer in place of my username it was showing his username.

@coder_voder I too faced the same problem today.

yes it happens with me to whenever i go to the url directly it says i am logged out or shows some other name. Mostly the one who is currently activeas in this image.
@admin please look into this

same here .

Same here, it is showing diveshuttam 204 *4 here.

Hey all, We will look into the issue and will fix it at the earliest. Thanks for reporting it to us.

Hey all, we are unable to reproduce the said bug, can someone please reproduce it and send us a screen capture of the same?

@admin alt text
here it is check the time also. this happens almost every time i type to my browser address bar.the user shown is generally the one who is currently active . Sometimes it also shows "you logged you please login to answer… "something like that. And on the next link i try i have been logged in again.

Thanks for the screenshot. We are investigating it. However, if someone could share a screen capture (video) of it happening, it will help us look into the issue in a better way.

It is happening again.

ok but the error is reproducible only when some people are active. I have been reloading since past 20 min and only it came once when someone commented on a question

hey, the issue has been fixed. If you face it again, kindly do write in to us at: bugs[at]codechef[dot]com