Useless Questions

The amount of questions in some problems is insane. Is there anyway some old questions could be deleted once the count of comments exceeds a limit? For instance - , many duplicate questions just leave it polluted even though people like @triplem answer many of the repeated queries.

For your ques abt ppl copy pasting solutions:-

@lukemarch23…i think if some1 does that then u have got nothing to lose…the loser is the one who does it…furthermore…if a person really understands what the code is doing and is sure that he can implement/explain it at any given point of time then there is no harm…after all this provision is made so that ppl can learn from better coders…:slight_smile:

for useless commenting:-

i agree that some ppl just ask ques without making any effort to find what they are doing wrong or maybe just dont take the effort to find the corner cases they are missing if any…but no1 can stop them from asking the ques :stuck_out_tongue: …the only thing that can be done is that if admins come across such ques then they may delete those…:slight_smile:

specially when ppl comment the whole code in the ques…that is very irritating…:stuck_out_tongue: