Useful tool while preparing for tech interviews

Preparing for tech interviews ? preparing from ? You must be having problems in tracking what and till where have you practiced and solved the problems or rather you want to mark some questions more important than others. Here is your solution , Geekometer ( . With this you can mark questions as DONE (which crosses the questions wherever you find’em ) as well as you can mark their importance ( Easy, Medium, Hard) via an interactive slider. Give it a try ! Happy Coding ! Feel like contributing ? There you go :slight_smile:geekometer

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They are many programming website as well like:

donot follow newboston, codechef is rather good

Yes, I agree with both of you( @arpit_gupta_12 and @vipin123 ). I am not advertising GeeksforGeeks but that is one of the best website which is used for preparing for tech interviews. It contains a major portion of all categories of questions asked in interview alongwith previous experiences all compiled at one place.

But on the other hand , the site is not organised at all, trust me !
If you go on preparing from this site , after some time you have no clue what all you have done and you end up losing motivation and energy.

With Geekometer, what you get is easy widget which helps you mark the questions as easy medium hard and when you’re done , mark it DONE. that’s it.This tool just decreases your effort while tracking yourself and lets you focus on correct things :slight_smile:

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