use of coding.

what is the use of coding???

TO design the solution of human created problem

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what is the purpose of creating a forum account on a coding platform just to ask what is coding for ?

i mean, apart from trolling ?


what is the purpose of forum if you answer in useless way??? i mean,apart from trolling…???

To make the computer solve problems. The problem maybe created by humans (like computer games or trading), or by nature (like weather forecast, DNA). Of course all of us won’t be coding to track a satellite, there are smaller problems like taking notes, fixing subtitles in a movie etc.

Apart from solving problems, coding is also used to create problems (like cryptography, captcha).

And don’t forget to have fun! This is why you are here, isn’t it?

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Facebook and google are nothing bunches of code. You know what they are used for. And the fact that you could ask this question to these many people on this public forum is because of this bunch of code codechef…

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you tell it’s a useless way. as i don’t understand the purpose of your question, i can’t know what would be useful or not. by the way, you don’t answer my question at all.