Use of codes during Contest

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I wanted to ask whether it is allowed to use the codes from github profiles or any other online resource for the standard functions like binary search, LIS etc. , during a LONG/SHORT contest ?

Ideally you should not, but practically you can.

Yes you can use it on your own wish and implementations, wherever you need. You should save important utility functions and DS on your computer that you’ll need in future as well.


Actually , I was asking like will I be penalized, if I am caught using the codes available online and using them during the contest.

Yes you can use, you won’t be penalized :slight_smile:

Hello @onebyzero,

As long as you read information online and use only code fragments to help you designing your own solution, then there’s nothing wrong with that and that is also encouraged I guess!! :slight_smile:

I too, have read many, many articles and came across many useful small code fragments I end up using sometimes :slight_smile:

This is encouraged and good because it’s a good and honest way for you to learn new techniques on your own and it’s very, very encouraged.

Blindly copying someone else’s code is not though… As it is considered cheating :stuck_out_tongue:

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thank you :slight_smile: