Would like to direct this matter primarily to the admin.

[ But all suggestions and comments are welcome :slight_smile: ]

Now, this is about a problem I’m facing regarding
participation in IEMCO contest to be held on 4th November, 2017. I was
invited by one of my friends to be a part of HIS TEAM ( he was the owner )
of the contest, WHICH I HAD ACCEPTED.

But NOW, DUE TO UNAVOIDABLE CIRCUMSTANCES, he says he cannot participate in
that contest and the 3rd member has confirmed that he can’t participate either ( he has not accepted the invite either ) ; and so QUITE NATURALLY, there’s NO point of me being a part
of THAT team anymore.

But when I’m trying to register a new team with MYSELF as the owner,
Codechef is evidently not allowing me since I’m already registered in THAT

So, I sincerely and earnestly request Codechef to delete that particular
team as THAT TEAM WILL NOT PARTICIPATE from the list of registered teams
for the contest IEMCO.
Alternatively, is there any way, I CAN REMOVE MYSELF FROM THAT TEAM…for
the owner and other members of the team shall be practically INACTIVE
during the contest, and that would certainly not be favorable for me.

I shall provide the username and the password of the team concerned, once I’m able to get in touch with the admin.( Coz it won’t be right, I guess to cite them here publicly ).

Also, I’m new to this community and hence apologize beforehand if questions of this sort are not fit to be asked.Thanks in advance. Hoping for help soon :).

Forwarded team deletion request. But he will need a formal, in writing (mail etc or as a post here), that you both consent to remove the team and that it isnt a one-sided decision.

Some rules were in mind when the team system was made a bit rigid. Be careful next time.

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Thanks a lot @vijju123…what should be my course of action now ?
I have mailed codechef help, admin , but haven’t received a reply yet.
What should I do now…to delete the team ?

We need written consent from both team members, requesting @admin to delete the team. You gave a request here, please ask your other team member to post here as well requesting @admin to make team null and void.

Request from both team members is compulsary.

I am the Team owner and have posted here with the same request. To have the team deleted.

Thanks mate. :slight_smile:

The other member has posted as well @vijju123 . Will it be addressed now ?

@admin ?

She will do it the next time she comes online. Thanks!

Thank You :slight_smile: =D.

Hope I’m notified. :slight_smile:

We hardly have time left. The aforementioned contest is on 4th Nov.
@admin please do take this into your notice and kindly help me out. :confused:
Thanks. :slight_smile:

She didnt do it yet? Wait let me check up with her.

Yes…please do :slight_smile:

It hasn’t been deleted yet.

Hm, she was/is at a sick leave. She has asked someone to look into it.

Oh. :/. Wish her a fast recovery.Now, what. What’s the probability of having this deleted before the contest ?

Please check and register again

Thanks a lot…@vijju123…thanks @admin too…:slight_smile:

BTW, I think I should also convey this concern of her-

we actucally dont do it for external contests as users have to be very careful before registering

Be careful next time, this time I pleaded them to consider your case sympathetically, next time it wont be possible for anyone.