upvoting accepting

I have a question in my mind regarding codechef community

When I should vote up a particular question or answer? Because if I vote up every answers on my question this will not a legal way to gain karma and this will lead my account to suspension(I saw a few accounts suspended.)


You should upvote a question or an answer when you find it interesting or have the same doubt as asked in that question and should accept the answer when the answer really answers what you was willing for.

NOTE :: Generally you don’t get suspended because of upvoting or accepting answers and questions unless you do it for increasing your friends karma(by upvoting their questions or answers) or yours(by accepting too much answers).

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First of all, you will not get suspended for upvoting questions/answers unless either you upvote all your friends ans/ques to make him to the top contributors list or you are accepting all answers to your question for gaining karma. You should upvote a question/answer if you find it interesting or it satisfies your needs. You should accept your top 1-2 (max 3) answers you find for your question.

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You should upvote answers which you find is answering your question and accept the best answer provided so far.
You willn’t be suspended for upvoting good answers or accepting then as long as you don’t it just to favor your friends.