upload EDITORIALS !!

@admin pls upload the editorials of JUNE LONG challenge as well as COOK-OFF !!


And also snackdown elimination round!!

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This is getting even more nonsensical. Yes, we do have the discussions here to refer, but still, the setter’s view also help. !!

Its true, setters view is important. I admit that Editorials are indispensable when in comes to learning. There is a long list of Editorials to be out.

I dont know whats keeping them up. It’d be nice if you can share something with us, @admin . Perhaps someone at discuss has an idea for you?

When good/tough questions come in contests we all look upto editorials for the learning purpose but delaying of editorials (more than 10-15 days) make me leave those questions and I tend to not solve those questions later.

Questions from elimination round were so good I couldn’t even solve one from them :stuck_out_tongue: .I was so excited to look upto the editorials and now my zeal/urge to solve them is over. Sad. :frowning:


Aren’t the editorials written before the contest even starts? All they need to do is click ‘Upload’.

Whenever thats the case, editorials are uploaded immediately.

@vijju123 That should be the case. I am surprised it’s more often not!

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Please come up with the editorials of June long and Cook off asap

refer to this link for a short editorial of Cook Off


I’d really love to see the editorials for COOK83 problems…
I wonder what’s causing the delay in posting the editorials.

On second thoughts the “Unofficial Editorials” are not bad at all.

P.S.> This question deserves a thumbs-UP but I don’t have enough karma at the moment.

June COOK-OFF editorials


Seriously , editorials should be published right after the contest is over . I was excited for seeing the editorials after the contest was over but now that zeal has gone.

what about June long challenge. Please upload editorials of it. At least for CLONEME