Update from keteki: Congrats to winners/New Dev Projects

Congratulations to dumble_dore for winning KK Code Hustle 1.

Congratulations to namit_ng for winning KK Code Hustle 2.

Can view ranks here…
Would be posting their interviews soon, in the fore-typed link itself. Stay tuned.

Picked up 2 big projects, would be setting up dev environment like topcoder in KK, please subscribe to know when this happens. Studying project scopes right now. But this is not sure. Hopefully it works out. Would be setting up pdf exp cert on achieving threshold points too. I really hope this works out!

QuickMatch 6 and Code Hustle 3 in queue, probs ready … would set it up soon. Stay tuned, subscribe to know when this happens.

Edit 1: Interview of Code Hustle 2 winner http://keteki.biz/ranks/ch2.php

Edit 2: Its final the dev projects will be up on KK soon. Building NDA etc.

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