Update : Change in selection criteria for ACM ICPC Amritapuri Onsite Contest.

This is to bring to everyone’s notice that the Amritapuri site has changed the selection criteria from 10% of total teams ranked from the college to maximum 10 teams from a college on their website. The change has been made recently, after the online contest.

But the top teams from each college still get selected right ?
And how much longer will you guys take to announce the results ?

Yes, top team from each college will be selected. Btw, I’m not in administration of the amritapuri icpc, but just any other participant :stuck_out_tongue:

Aren’t there already 240 distinct institute teams with at-least one accepted submission ?

I wrote a program to check unique number of accepted teams , it turns out to be 163 . I think there is no criterion for them to be selected except 1 problem solved. :stuck_out_tongue: So in the worst case all of them are in ! which is kind of sad! This is kind of unjustifiable to me !

@anh1l1ator Are you sure you checked it correctly for Amritapuri regionals only? I did the same and the no of distinct colleges/universities having 1 or more team comes out to be exactly 220. Further everyone was able to solve atleast 1 problem from the contest.

@thezodiac1994 its 220 i believe