Unordered pair in MAXIEDGE

Can anyone plz explain the problem MAXIEDGE , which was asked in snackdown17.Actually get comfused when i read number of unordered pairs in grid? What actually problem is trying to ask?can any oneplz explain ? Also one important question why cant i view submiited solutions, contest is already over.

Problem :-link text

Unordered pair means- (a,b)=(b,a) . It wont have any effect whichever comes first. Like, lets say, i say a pair of numbers greater than 1. {2,3} and {3,2} are same, and are said to be unordered.

What the Q asked you to is, given a 2 x N dimensioned grid, re-arrange the alphabets in such a way that all similar alphabets share maximum sides possible (which is your score). Share a side means, similar alphabet lies either up,down, left or right. Not at corners like North-east or stuff. Only NSEW,or up down left right.

That means in given input without rearrangenment of alphabets the score is
0(test case1) and
4 (test case2)
Am i right? Suppose {(1,1),(1,2) }has same alphabet then we will not consider {(1,2),(1,1)}for counting score?Is this right or i understood differently?

The score will be 1 in that case. The score is the number of pairs of adjacent cells which have same character. And a pair such that, order doesnt matter. Meaning {(1,1),(1,2)} is same as {(1,2),(1,1)} and doesnt have to be counted twice. I found that tis equal to number of edges shared between them.

All in all, you need to make sure that adjacent cells are occupied by same characters, with them sharing as many edges as possible.