Unofficial Editorial of the first 6 questions of April 2017

Hello guys,

As many of you suggested me to write my editorials on a blog rather than Facebook page. I would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to my blog. I have added the April editorials, I would migrate the previous editorials too there, soon. :slight_smile:
I’m still posting some stuff on my Facebook Page.

Please, feel free to comment any suggestions for the blog.



Can you paste the link of blog too? :slight_smile:

I tried to post it but it gets formatted each time. The preview looks good but when I post it the link gets formatted. I think it has to do with my handle present in the URL. I’ll try again to paste the link here.

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Wait, let me see if i can help you here.

There is some issue with formatting atm. Users are requested to copy the url from “https://medium…” in 2nd line.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: I see your edit but there is the formatting problem again. :frowning:
Edit: There was an “@” symbol in the URL which was ruining the formatting. After removing it, the formatting looks good. :slight_smile:

Yup, there is some issue. I tried every trick i knew. Atleast the link is visible now. Please mail the admins so with link to this thread so they can fix it. :slight_smile:

It got fixed automatically O_O

Oh wow! Mate, your explanation and presentation is just amazing. At first I thought codechef uploads editorials after the contest anyways, so this is pointless. But after going through your blog, I realised how much easier your editorials are to understand (especially for beginners). Thanks a lot, Buddy. Keep up the good work. Thanks!

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Nice work dude…
I’d like to see some more of your posts.

P.S.: I’d like to upvote this post but unfortunately I don’t have enough karma yet :frowning:

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thanks! :slight_smile: