Unofficial editorial of first five questions (not SORTROW) of MAR17 Long contest.

Hello guys,

I have a Facebook page where I try to post my approach to the problems I solve in any contests. I created this page for two reasons, First, to revise any new things I may have learnt during the contest and second, to help any new users/medium users to learn new things. I try to answer to as many doubts as possible. If you think, the page would help you feel free to like and follow the page. “”.



I need karmas for asking a question ! Please do Upvote !


Well, it would be even better if you created a blog. Anyway, good effort!

It’s in my plan to create one soon. Thanks :slight_smile:

@sourabh_zalke … Dude, involve yourself in discussions, try to answer questions being asked on the board.
Naturally people will upvote you if your answers are reasonable. We learn more that way. Good luck


Thanks for your contribution.I think its very much useful to provide long challenge editorials because the setters often tend to delay the publication of the editorials in case of long challenges. Thus it will be very helpful for your fellow coders to tryout the problems they were unable to solve , just after the end of the contests.

But it will be nicer if you create a blog rather than a fb page which will be much more easier to access.


why ratings are being delayed.

This has already been answered here -

Hey @sourabh_zalke, you were already having 10 karma which are enough to post question! (even before posting this answer)

Please don’t repeat it – spamming the forum.

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