Unnecessary pop ups on codechef website

From past few weeks I am facing this unique problem on codechef website : unnecessary pop up box comes into picture while viewing the solution page.

During the August Lunctime and August Cook-Off challenge, when I tried to browse the other candidates solutions for the problems that I didn’t managed to solve (when the contest ended off course). I encountered these popups:

"The page at http://www.codechef.com says : undefined", "Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs."

What is the reason for such popups. I have been participating in the coding competitions from the last year but haven’t encountered such situation, but from last month or two these pop up box flash up when tried to view solution of candidates once the contest ends up !!!


Same problem with me…Till now i thought its the problem with my system or my browser.

This site is having too many bugs from past one month.

the same situation with me although ad blocker is activated.really annoying while submitting solutions.

I will request @admin to solve the problem or provide any solution as soon as possible…

Same Problem !! , I thoughts its problem only for mee!!!

That’s right. Keeps happening on me too while i try to submit or view a solution. I was just about to post about this issue too.

I was also facing same problem, but currently i tried and it is opening normally.

Same problem.

I will request all those geeks that are facing this problem to keep up-voting this question or put your valuable comments on this question until the solution has been found. Because doing so this question will be highlighted at the top of discuss forum and sooner or latter will seek attention of admin and the problem would be solved.

Hi @aakash29, the issue has been resolved now.

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