Unfair ratings in IOPC 2017

So in the contest this happened -

There were some extra whitespaces at the end of lines in the testdata of Problem C. It has been fixed now, and all submissions will be re-judged at the end of the contest so that no penalty is incurred due to this. We apologize for the error.

Because of this I wasted an hour and a few wrong submission. The whitespaces issue happened only to python users because they take the whitespace as well while taking the input. So a similar thing happened in March Cook-Off but in that contest the ratings were removed. Please make this contest un-rated as well. I don’t have issues because of the whitespace issue as I should have moved on with the other problems but then in that case you should make March Cook-Off rated.

Secondly they didn’t even remove the penalty for the wrong(although correct) submissions.
See here - https://www.codechef.com/rankings/IOPC2017?filterBy=Institution%20type%3DSchool%3BCountry%3DIndia&order=asc&sortBy=rank

My score is giving 2(-8) where as it should be 2(-6).

Because of these reasons I incurred a loss of 148 rating.

@admin please see, time of 1hr+2 wrong submissions = 1hr 40 mins is a lot of time wasted.


I suggest you to mail them at help@codechef.com

If you want immediate reply, then contact on their facebook page :

@admin is busy(it seems). You can mail him : admin@codechef.com


Yeah I did that.

I very well understand the frustration.

Also, 144 penalty for just one contest? IDK, it seems a bit…inflated? Whenever I participate in cook-off, I usually see a rating buff of 20-60 most of the times…so I expect a similar pattern in degradation of rating. (Correct me if I am wrong here)

And this was just one of the issues. There were other issues like-

“There was an issue with the testdata in Problem F. It has been fixed, and all submissions re-judged. We are very sorry for the mistake.”

“Problem G has been added. The delay is regretted” [This problem was added after 1hr 40min…i.e. when more than 50% of time was over. Call me biased, but I am STRICTLY AGAINST this. What would you had done had it been a 2hr contest?)

So roughly we can say that there were issues with 3/7 problems in contest, ~42%.

In Lunchtime, Rainbow was 1 of the 5 problems with issue (~20% of the total problems) [I have ignored the issue of trailing spaces in testcases in ROBOTG, ].

I think you have a point with your claims. But I don’t know how codechef would act to this, because making it unrated for everyone would make many unhappy (those who got lots of ratings) and its kind of a …‘problem’ when you take back something you gave. Nonetheless, I think they can make it unrated for those most affected/a few people who were badly affected by having a check at submissions.

Your claims have got points, but the problem is the ratings been already updated. Try to think of some middle path where both of you can compromise.

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The contest should be made unrated.

MAX OUT question is same as this MOD

You can just google the question

The third link contains the exact question.


I knew I saw that question somewhere. Now I remember, I had answered a query regarding that some time before. :confused:

Yes, I know. I saw that.

At least in the Contests of Short format , if there is a problem with test data due to which user is getting wrong Answer for Correct Submission ; and that error gets rectified after a very long time ( above 30 minutes? ) , then it is better to make the round un-rated. Even though the solutions will be rejudged to take back the penalty, but what about the time spent by the user correcting the already correct solution. Its just not easy to move to other problem with the weight of WA when you feel that you have got the logic right.



Very much true. Well said dear.

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