Unfair Rating dropped case

My sincere advise to everyone please never use ideone as code is public by default. I have invested so much time and my energy to solve sept long challenge 2016 and even solving long challenges from last 1 year but all ruined in vain because of one stupid brainless guy who copied my code as it is and due to that stupid guy my rating goes down to 4K from 10K+. His fake name was Rahul Bhatia on codechef and his original name was (Hardik Gulati) at Jaypee Institute of Information Technology and his handle is rahul1714. His fb profile is (https://www.facebook.com/smart.hardik.gulati). Beware of such stupid fellows as they are born to cheat and they are in the search of codes only, of the peoples who unknowingly uses ideone.com and work hard to solve the problems.This Hardik Gulati has many fake accounts and he will never be punished beacuse as soon as he indulge in cheating he just closes that account and open another one where as people like me have to suffer a huge loses of 6000+ ratings for the sin which was unknowingly and by mistakingly performed.For proof I m giving my code which i have submitted on 9th Sept https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/11392815 and he submitted exact code of mine on 15th Sept https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/11525589

Admin please answer is it fair??
Dropping that much rating for this mistake is not fair and I m hoping to get my ratings back if not complete though but atleast the rating which i have before this month.

And I request codechef please change some rules for plagiarism cases because many innocent peoples have to suffer huge loses because of some unknown useless guy… :frowning: :frowning:

And please build some useful system like moss test checking system so that fake account can be minimised.strong text


Unfortunately the same thing happened with me.Dropped down to 4k from 9300 and he is the same guy in my case also and the irony is he belongs to my college. He copied >=3 questions including 4th,5th and 7th . I dont understand what these type of people get by copying code of others and spending hours on ideone and making the innocent suffer . All the hardwork ,spending nights to solve questions (even during exams) went in vain due to this person . I think codechef should have a provision of restoring the ratings once the guy who copied the code accepts this fact and his all accounts should be suspended. This is a sport and we should maintain its dignity .


i dont understand why some use ideone.com! codechef has its ide at www.codechef.com/ide

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I am Hardik Gulatis’ College mate and yes He has many fake accounts , and will be doing same in future
Codechef must have a provision for such activities
Hardik does the same in codeforces , Changes His wrong code into a Correct one within 5 minutes during contest, PEOPLE PLEASE STOP USING IDEONE,
Sorry From Hardik’s side


Actually in our computer lab we can’t access to codechef or any other programming sites without permission of admin so I mistakenly use ideone unknown with the fact that this type of people also exist in this world.
But as now I m aware of this I would like that no one would suffer the same and feel the same which I did, in during last couple of days.

Dude do not participate for high ratings. Your aim should be “learn as much as possible” during long contests.

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Ya but at the end when we see our profile then we feel proud. Ratings are the tokens of our hard work right?
But now when somebody steal your hard work then its horrible to see :frowning:


yeah you are right!. But shit happens, forget about it and just move on.

@kunnu96.I am sorry for the happened to you. guys like him don’t deserve to have an account on any platform.i suffered too from this thing but i was new that time and didn’t lost so much rating.
i understand ur feelings.whole work of 6-7 days and nights goes in vain and so much losss in rating.@admin request ideone.com to remove that recent codes link so that **** like hardik gulati can’t copy codes from anywhere.they don’t belong here.suspend their all accounts.

@akshayv3 . that thing belongs to your college let all people know about his dirty deeds in your collage .

We understand your frustration. We have had numerous cases of people suffering because they left their code in open on ideone. However, this is something that we can not control and that is why in our code of conduct, we have clearly mentioned that “Avoid using any online IDE’s or code sharing sites like pastebin to share your code. In case you must, the responsibility of protecting your code lies solely with you. If you’re using ideone, you can read about protecting your code on it here.” We see many users ignoring it or just not reading the Code of Conduct at all and suffering, which is something we do not like at all. However, for us to maintain the sanctity of our contests, we have to take some strict actions. And hence the rating drops.

But all this could be avoided and it wouldn’t take a lot of effort from you. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Avoid using any online IDE’s or code sharing site.
  2. Use our ide.
  3. Keep your computers, hostel rooms or home computers locked or at least log out of your CodeChef account while you are not in front of your computer during an ongoing contest.

That’s all. Your accounts will be safe and you will not be subjected to any such loss. We wish you guys all the best for the future contests.

P.S: For the students who can not access CodeChef in their college labs, we suggest you explain the situation to your college admins and we are sure they will understand and allow access to CodeChef. Should you need any help from us, we will be more than happy to provide it.