Unfair Rating drop

I always follow Codechef Code of Conduct strictly . Inspite of this my rating dropped from 9300 to 4k .
@admin please look into this matter asap . I repeat , i was not involved in any sort of cheating and the rating drop is absolutely unfair.


I am having a drastic rating drop too, since august. :confused:

Only reason for your rating drop is that you might have been caught in plagiarism since you have solved seven problems in sept’16 Long challenge. You should check your email, as they send the email to those who get caught in plagiarism or you can mail them your details at [email protected].

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@srd091 I havent recieved any mail from their side.

Is that possible that there is something wrong with codechef plagiarism checker? And if Yes, then they must resolve it. As I saw many of my friends’ rating drop after the Sept-long contest, though they didn’t cheat.

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I think someone might have used your template and the plagiarism checker threw MOSS code as +ve.
Still would like to know how the Plagiarism Checker works @admin ,if it throws +ve for common template then definitely this is a serious issue.
P.S. @akshayv3 i was your batchmate in 11th standard though for a brief period.Good to see you on codechef.

I think you may have pasted your code on Ideone or some public site which may have lead to plagiarism. It may have also happened that you may have taken some code from stack-exchange/math-exchange as many of the solutions were available there this time as also asked in some of the questions on Codechef. In such a case, as per code of conduct you will not be penalised if you mentioned the source along with site address in your solution. As it was mine first contest too, I read the rules carefully and even I pasted some part of solution from other site as well, but put the source as well.

I think you can learn from this mistake, (if you had done it) or mail codechef regarding it along with the proof instead of posting anything here as per the rules. Everytime somebody asks a post after the contests regarding rating drops but hardly has someone got it corrected because I feel you should be able to convince codechef people along with the valid prrof rather than letting other people sympathise with you regarding the rating drop.

If you feel I annoyed you, I am sorry but I know what I am writing here is correct. It may be a learning experience for you and others as well. Please approach the codechef people through mails rather than putting a post here and increasing the discussion database.


A sample solution on how to mention the reference of other site in your solution https://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/11415201


there must be a mail regarding rating drop.check it out.also u will find a phone number and email address in the mail.you can contact codechef directly.it’s no use if u post such things here they will not consider it.contact them asap.