Unfair means

Hello codechef members,
I recently took part in the july 18 long challenge. The long challenge was very challenging this time…and i enjoyed the thrill i experienced while solving the questions. But to my shock i found out today that some cheaters out there are not only discussing but also exchanging their solutions out in the public on some blogging site. The trade statements they used to trade their solutions were that i will provide you with the solution of NSA you provide me the solution of NMNM(this is just an example of what i saw there). This was very disappointing for me… i spent my hours on solving the questions and someone just fooled all the hard workers out there…Codechef please look into this.


Please share links of those blogs with @admin and @vijju123 .

codechef plagiarism hammer will surely hit them. :smiley:


can’t always… you cannot differentiate b/w copied and not copied solutions especially in easy problems as all have almost same logic

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@vijju123 @admin…i dont know if the comments still exist or not…but do reas the blogs…what i saw was… people literally trading for the questions…and not only one but many were doing this

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I guess I found k ashish and ipg 2016069 etc… people’s chat lol…
u can read their chats and get who is who on codechef easily xD…

Hope that each one of them is suspended :slight_smile:

@l_returns maybe u should report their names to @vijju123,or @admin,it would be of help to them.

can’t prove it properly :frowning:
also I don’t know them personally… just wanna tell that someone can figure out…

there is a possibility that the usernames used there are not real (I remember someone using @vijju123 's name to ask a question of stackexchange)


Damn… so many threads related to problem discussion. Just search jy6DLyTq on google. This guy begged for each and every solution in almost every thread and even got them.

yes true. But I don’t think anything can be done to prevent this. In long run, knowledge matters more than few rating points anywhere.

This “shortcut” sadly won’t not teach them anything. Well, they might get those high ratings, but they are making it sure that they neither get to enjoy solving problems nor they get to learn anything here. Since such people develop a habit of cheating, they are going to get hammered under plagiarism sooner or later.