Unfair Codechef Ratings System

After few days of struggle, I am left with no other option than posting this again as the question was closed. I have been wrongly penalized for my submission of LADDU.

I have already made a post few days ago here. I also emailed them as they told me but I have received no response. Is this fair? I know you guys(admin) are busy with SnackDown 2016 but atleast take some time to help.

There are many similar solutions for this problem because this was very straightforward. This is not the first time this has happened. Why do you include this type of problems where there is high probability of solutions being similar and users get their ratings dropped even though they have not violated code of conduct? This is very frustrating.

Please @admin restore my ratings. This is not fair. One makes mistake once but this is happening regularly, please make the rating system fair or do not include such problems from now on.

same thing happened to me last month but they restored my rank later. You can try to contact them on Facebook, they might be able to reply sooner than your e-mails.

Same thing happened to me for the second question CHBLLS…
I contacted codechef but the response was very rude and non satisfactory. This is very unfair at such a big platform.


So, did they restore your ratings?

My rating is also decreased. And I think it is also for the same reason. I too tried to contact them over mail. But till now I received no reply and no action was also taken.

Same happened with my friend in August 2015 long challenge and he told me its not any worth to waste any time by calling them or waiting for their reply. They wont be restoring the ratings.

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Thanks @ash_code to share here. Similar incident happened with me in april cook off. And again reply from codechef admin was very rude.

To be fair I would say my case was little different. Question was first one ( the easy one ) and I opted to use a function from a website and as it happened other people may have took it from that same website( it was first/second search result). Why reinvent the wheel? [#define ll long long , some repetitive part which we use as template also matches :frowning: ]

To be fair I think it was understandable that system detected that and they decreased my rating. But I was hoping that system would understand that question is too simple to do any copy[ hard to implement though, I know ].
I have started making sure that for simple questions I change as much as possible to not get detected. Even when we know that we are doing it on our own, we should consciously make changes. Just my 2 cent on this issue.


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Codechef is a great platform. The MOSS system is deceptive. Even if cheaters are escape, no innocent should be held guilty. Our aim should be to protect the innocent, a user who has not cheated should not be punished at any cost!

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This has happened to me twice before

Once when I used a globally available template

and second time someone supposedly submitted a very similar solution.

They never replied to my proof of being original emails, maybe because of high volume?

I called them - the reply was very rude and they don’t want to listen to anyone’s pleas(which is expected after having shitload of work in the office), even though the proof holds.

Since then, I have learned not to waste time getting ratings back - Do it for the training not the ratings.

Thing is it’s their private land,they will do whatever they like( even delete my posts or this thread ) even though the land is meant for the community.(Like it happened with npm,Kik and a left-pad’s module developer.)

Seriously, just change and obfuscate as much as you can and remember there are other sites to practice and compete.


I checked both the solution and didn’t understand why those submissions were detected as similar. I mean how someone is supposed to code rather than he did ?? That means we should change our coding pattern just not to get detected ?? Ridiculous !

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Hey ash_code, We think this issue has been discussed on numerous occasions with appropriate reasoning regarding the drop in the ratings. If you still have some concerns, you can call us and we can discuss it further.

@an2609, We have not discussed your issue over the conversation. If you have any concerns, you can always call us on the number provided and we will be happy to assist you with any queries that you might have.

@varunvyas, We checked your solutions and there was not a single difference in the two set of codes. More importantly, for the contest your ratings were dropped, there were only 4 cases of same solutions. We would love to help you with any questions you might have, so you can also reply to the same email or call us on the number provided.

@chiragjn, We checked your solutions for COOK69 we again failed to see any difference in the two codes. Can you please reply to the email with the difference that you find in the two codes. And we could only find one such instance, could you send us the other one as well. We will look into that as well.

Yes you told me the reasons but the rating system is pretty unfair.

Again i called the representative and again his response was very rude.
I dont know whether these people are for help or to talk rudely with the users.

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