Unethical Karma Farming

Karma in Indian religions is the concept of “action” or "deed”, and it seems some of our users have been indulging in hoggish deeds. It hurts us that they are using wrong means to gain karma points. This has been brought to our notice by the members of our community. Consequently, to maintain the decorum of the community, we’ve suspended such accounts from participation. If you’ve been involved in any such activity or are aware of any accounts involved in such activities, do let us know by any means suited to you.


@admin : Thanks for your action . I am an active participant on Code Chef discuss , and it turns me off when I see people spamming , unnecessary downvoting or upvoting etc .


Seems like this is happening again. @admin please look into it.


send a mail to CC specifying the related accounts…they will do the rest…:slight_smile: