Unethical Gain of Karma Points

Karma in Indian religions is the concept of “action” or "deed”, and it seems some of our users have been indulging in hoggish deeds. It hurts those people who actually want to make this community a better place including me, that there are people who are using wrong means to gain karma points.

I am really frustrated to find this and i know the one who is doing this is reading this post! And i am waiting for his and his friends to down-vote this post! :smiley: See i don’t want to mention your name publicly and make you feel bad so i am not doing it. If you are reading this, Please STOP THIS. This is Wonderful community and we all try to make this a better one! There are people who try to make this even better. But when people find that their posts and answers are down-voted and new “Profiles” who are always created who are always “Professionals”,“Unemployed” coming either from “Mumbai” or “Bengal” and entering random stuffs like this, and these fake accounts simply keeps voting to someone, is disappointing atleast for those people who should win the Codechef Goodie as being one among the Top 5 contributes of the month!. This is really unfair to them! Please do stop this.


Hi @bipin2,

I would add same like our ethics say “koi dekhe yaa na dekhe bbhagwan sab dekh raha h”.

Simply it means “God sees everything good or bad”

So,its again a thing which has no ends to stop, cheaters cheat and they pay-off when time comes so better we should ignore and work to help the community :slight_smile:

I know you helping the community to be purified with no fakes and i support it.

Let admin decide some tough solution to get it solved :slight_smile:


I wish there is no ban made. And i don’t want that to happen. This is the first time is he doing and i hope he will not do it again! And all i need is him to understand what he has done. @neo1tech9_7 has done a wonderful job and he deserves to be on top! What if he is thrown out of the top-5. That is unfair to him! :frowning:

I will delete this post as soon as i understand that he has read this post!


Hey Guys, Can you report all such cases to us directly rather than posting them on the forum. It will help us all. Kindly send an email to us rather than posting such instances here at feedback@codechef.com. We will look into such cases and take apt action against the accounts involved in such practices. :slight_smile:


I think some people have already mailed you! By the way, this being the first time please don’t ban this kid! I am sure he is capable of doing something good here! A warning will be more than enough! @admin Can you please delete this question??

@bipin2, how can you know he read it? :stuck_out_tongue:

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if he was a genuine contributor then he will come over here and would have argued or would have gave the reason or he would have admitted his mistake!! Because he did not turn back till now i guess he has not read it!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thats not true he won’t care to ping here for his mistakes or if he is not wrong he wont care to argue as you aren’t admin to make matter for it :slight_smile: Leave this here what will happen he will get a goodie let him get…
Follow one principle “Don’t Care” Life is too long and such stupidity is everywhere… from instagram followers to facebook likes…


yea! that is the right answer! :smiley: But the thing that some of my friends told me was that he does not even care that this post is here! He still uses the same account and up-votes the same account!

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Leave it here and start coding…
Cheers :slight_smile:

Yep!! Happy Coding! :slight_smile: