Undefined data type precision in python

Python doesn’t have any precision or ranges for any data types, rather it supports unlimited range unlike the data types in C/C++ or java ? How?

Modern languages such as Python and PHP, which are great scripting languages have an infinite precision arithmetic…

Arbitrary-precision arithmetic, also called bignum arithmetic, multiple precision arithmetic, or sometimes infinite-precision arithmetic is supported by the python, it has an in-built bignum implementation which means rather than using a typical CPU memory/processor register for storing the integral number, it uses the CPU RAM memory, these implementations typically use variable-length arrays of digits, so doesn’t have any hard and fast rule of range and supports all types of ranges… and using array it thus can support any high or low range of precision

Arbitrary precision is used in applications where the speed of arithmetic is not a limiting factor, or where precise results with very large numbers are required

But such type of precision also makes the process a little slow…

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Thanks a lot!! It helps